return ヽ(*・ω・)ノ



i'm back

to revive this site a bit i will write a section about my shortwave listening hobby the next few days. also maybe add some

photos. maybe write a different section about some other interests of mine. i'll just see what motivates me.


ate tortellini in cheese sauce with carrots and broccoli and bought a new jacket. tomorrow is the day i finally see him again.


i miss him


today is a day to relax and do the laundry.

the last three days i was at work, selling parking tickets for the annual horse fair. the weather, as usual for april, was

a weird mix between sun in the morning, rain at noon and hail in the afternoon. also strong wind. honestly it's a wonder

i didn't catch a cold lol.

i even saw two horses yesterday. they were grazing on the green areas surrounding the parking space and even came up pretty

close to me when i sold tickets. gentle, lovely, warm creatures. i wish i could have pet them...